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The likelihood of erectile dysfunction has bothered every man at least once in their life. Alfazone capsules are specially designed to solve a wide range of male problems. Alfazone has been clinically tested and contains natural ingredients.

Where to order the capsules in Portugal?

Alfazone is not sold in pharmacies to avoid the possibility of counterfeiting for such an important medicine. It can be purchased on the official website for € 39 with a suggested discount of 50%. The order is made via the form with the phone number and name.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Urologist-andrologist Martim Pereira Doctor Martim Pereira
14 years
As reasons for a weak erection, there may be problems occurring in the brain, cardiovascular or hormonal systems of the body. Alfazone capsules, which became available to men in Portugal, completely and gently solve men's problems without side effects thanks to the natural composition Capsules allow you to refuse alcohol as a stimulant, increase the time of sexual intercourse. The drug has passed numerous tests and has already proved its effectiveness.
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A new look at the problems of male potency with Alfazone

Today, the opinion of doctors about the nature of male sexual problems has changed slightly. In the past, erection problems (and therefore power and libido problems) are more of a psychological nature (nervous stress, complexes, hectic pace of life, etc. ). It has been found that this is not entirely true: the root of these problems also lies in the field of cardiovascular diseases, injuries of the spine and pelvis, disorders of the peripheral nervous system and of the hypothalamus-pituitary system. For example, in violation of cerebral circulation, caused, inter alia, by a stroke, innervation is reduced, which affects sexual function in general, erection and potency in particular.

With improper functioning of the adrenal glands, which are responsible for 66% of androgen production, or the thyroid gland, potency worsens. With poor liver function, especially in connection with alcohol abuse, the metabolism of sex hormones is distorted, which can cause testicular dysfunction. Atherosclerosis and hypertension, injuries, dystrophic phenomena cause circulatory disturbances and poor erections. For any of the above reasons, chemical-based drug therapy may be prescribed, which can adversely affect erection without giving significant improvement.

Advantages of Alfazone

The natural preparation Alfazone has a predominantly etiotropic effect, promotes a mild relief of male sexual problems without addiction and in a short time, thanks to unique components, the use of which has been confirmed by the centuries-old practice of traditional medicine and clinical trials. Alfazone can help with more than a dozen different types of erectile dysfunction. Other drugs are typical representatives of symptomatic treatment: they act on the symptoms of the disease for a short time, and not on the cause of the disease.

Type of treatment Explanation
etiotropic Treats the causes of the disease (Alfazone)
Immunostimulant It affects the patient's immune system
pathogen It affects the mechanism of the disease itself
symptomatic Stops pathological syndromes with short-term improvements at times

Alpha Zone male potency capsules, their composition

Alfazone cannot be ordered from a pharmacy chain in Portugal, because there is a strong possibility of counterfeiting and Portugal is no exception in this regard. Any man can order capsules on the official website. The price € 39 is quite reasonable. With this money, you can buy a natural remedy to improve potency, erection and increase libido with quick action and without side effects.

Where can I buy Alfazone in Portugal?

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