List of the most effective products that increase potency in men

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Power is a man's ability to have sex. The state of the organs of the genitourinary system and the sexual abilities of men depend not only on chronic diseases and environmental conditions, but also on daily nutrition. There are products that increase potency. They contain many valuable substances necessary for the production of the main male hormone - testosterone.

Principles of diet for potency for men

Potency problems often arise due to malnutrition. Imbalances or deficiencies in essential nutrients can compromise health. The correct menu should consist of foods containing zinc, calcium, healthy fats, macronutrients. It is necessary to provide the body with a sufficient amount of vitamins A, groups B, C, D and E.

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Products that instantly increase potency in men can be found among vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat, dairy products and even sweets.

To improve sexual health and performance, a man should stop drinking alcohol and smoking, exercise regularly.

Protein food for human health

The list of products that improve potency necessarily includes lean meats, river fish, seafood and eggs. Dishes with them must be prepared every day.


Sea products are an excellent aphrodisiac, so it is recommended to use them to increase the potency of men. Shrimp, squid, shrimp and mussels contain a lot of zinc and selenium, contribute to the production of sperm.

In oysters, in addition to zinc, there are amino acids that activate the production of testosterone, increasing the amount of sperm produced. Oysters also contain dopamine, which increases potency. Experts advise to eat them raw, since after heat treatment the proportion of biologically active elements decreases.

seafood for potency

The most useful is the meat of rays and sharks, which, unfortunately, are not common in our latitudes. These products are appreciated by the Chinese for containing special stimulants that increase male libido.

Camel stomach

Products that stimulate men's potency include rennet, a camel's stomach. Product:

  • increases testosterone,
  • stimulates erection,
  • increases libido,
  • normalizes blood circulation
  • improves the protective functions of the immune system.

It has no contraindications, does not cause adverse reactions.

Sea fish

For potency, some low-fat varieties of sea fish are recommended. The inhabitants of the oceans are considered more useful than river ones due to the fact that they contain a large amount of vitamins, iron, phosphorus, iodine, zinc.

Salmon, flounder, salmon, mackerel and other fish saturate the body with proteins and minerals, restore an adequate indicator of blood clotting, lower cholesterol, increase endurance, activate the production of male sex hormones, reduce irritability and normalize the sleep.

Quail eggs

A high protein content is characteristic of quail eggs. They contain phosphorus, amino acids, iron. With daily use, libido increases, erection time is prolonged, a man recovers faster after intercourse.

quail eggs for power

There are no salmonellae in quail eggs, as the bird's body temperature is around 40 degrees.

Vegetables that improve erectile function

Fiber is an important micronutrient for sexual health. Normalizes digestion and, as a result of regular use, improves the functions of the intestines and genitourinary system of a man.

Garlic and onion

The list of potency enhancing products includes onion and garlic, which contain the most comprehensive list of "male" micro and macro elements, vitamins and amino acids. Normalizes hormonal balance, strengthens the immune system. They retain useful qualities even after heat treatment, as they impregnate other products with their essential oils, which are prepared with them in a container.


With erectile dysfunction, it is recommended to use greens. Parsley, dill, celery, sorrel, spinach, green onions, coriander, basil - all contain many vitamins and testosterone-boosting substances.

green for potency

Vegetables contain vegetable proteins that increase sexual activity and improve potency.


This plant contains a large amount of zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, coarse fiber, vegetable protein and fat. The product has a beneficial effect on testosterone production, stimulates arousal, provides a man with a strong sexual desire.

As a result of regular use of celery, the erection increases, the duration of sexual intercourse increases, the orgasm becomes more vivid. Thanks to the vegetable increases the quality and quantity of a man's seminal fluid, improves the vitality of spermatozoa and their activity, which favorably affects conception.


The list of the best potency enhancing foods includes cabbage. Red varieties protect against infertility, increase the protective functions of a man's immunity, give him strength and vigor. The zinc present in the vegetable contributes to sexual desire. Brussels sprouts are rich in vitamins, valuable minerals and are known for their anticancer properties.

sauerkraut for potency

Useful for male potency are sauerkraut, which contains a shock dose of vitamins, macro and microelements.

What fruits and berries should a man eat

Potency products for men are a natural way to normalize male potency without the use of pharmaceutical preparations. It is necessary to diversify the daily menu with fruit smoothies, salads and other dishes to provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Experts consider pomegranates and all citrus fruits to be particularly useful.


Dishes and drinks based on exotic fruits such as bananas, oranges, avocados, pomegranates and lemons favorably influence male potency. They contain a whole complex of vitamins necessary for the prevention of sexual impotence. The products tone the body, give a boost of energy, are natural aphrodisiacs that enhance their potency. In particular, avocados contain folic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the duration of an erection.


The product has a positive effect on men's health, increases potency, but does not act immediately. During the first month of regular consumption, watermelon helps the body get rid of toxins, improves bowel function and normalizes blood circulation. This leads to a prolonged erection. Experts recommend using the peels, and not just the pulp, to get the best result.

watermelon for potency

People suffering from obesity, diabetes and flatulence are advised to stop eating watermelon to avoid worsening the condition.

Dates and figs

These fruits from hot countries increase the potency of men, increase the quantity and quality of sperm. As a result of regular use of the products, sexual intercourse is prolonged, the recovery time after intimacy is reduced. Dates and figs have a general stimulating effect. These potency products contain a lot of sugar, so they can be harmful in some cases. You can't abuse it with obesity and diabetes.


Grapes are among the products that increase potency. Contains resveratrol, thanks to which it makes sperm more active. Red varieties relieve men of potency problems associated with impaired functioning of the circulatory system. Grapes, both fresh and in the form of raisins or juice, have a positive effect on the state of the reproductive system, increase male sexual abilities, increase the number of healthy spermatozoa, thereby fighting infertility.


To increase the potency, you need to eat strawberries. Due to the content of zinc compounds, the product increases sexual desire, it is a natural substitute for Viagra. This microelement increases testosterone, the male sex hormone. Experts recommend eating a handful of berries in intimacy.

What kind of sour milk is there to have good potency

A male potency diet must necessarily include fermented milk products. They increase libido, increase the duration of sexual intercourse. Regular consumption of sour milk will fill the deficiency of minerals and vitamins, bring calcium, magnesium and selenium into the body, thus ensuring adequate functionality of the reproductive system.

Koumiss, a sour milk drink made from mare's milk, will help improve stamina in sex, as well as prolong life by stimulating regeneration processes in the body's cells.

dairy products for potency

Many people suffer from lactose intolerance. In these cases, the consumption of dairy products and sour milk is prohibited.

Healthy delights

You can also increase the potency of men with the help of sweet foods. Chocolate, honey, nuts and seeds consumed in moderation will have a beneficial effect on human health.


Dark chocolate is also useful for male potency. It is the dark aspect that works beneficially, in which at least 65% cocoa. Contains a lot of theobromine and phenylethylamine. These are alkaloids that increase libido and cause a feeling of love. The product contains antioxidants that improve mood and general condition.


Like other products useful for potency, honey provides good blood circulation in the pelvic area, thereby prolonging the erection and increasing the strength of sexual arousal. Due to the content of fructose and glucose, testosterone production increases, tones, increases endurance.

Nuts and seeds

A handful of nuts will help replenish the daily norm of the elements necessary for the functioning of the genitourinary system. They are considered fast-acting products for male potency. Their action is to improve testosterone synthesis. As a result of regular use, erection increases, sperm production and its qualitative characteristics. Useful will be pistachios, walnuts and pine nuts, almonds.

Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin) containing vegetable proteins, vitamins A, K, E, PP, B are indispensable for men's health, improve blood flow in the pelvic organs, improve testosterone synthesis and reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation . Pumpkin seeds will help prevent congestion, inflammation in the reproductive system, which works effectively as a prevention of prostatitis, impotence and other dangerous diseases.

Sports nutrition affects potency

Many people who have never come across sports nutrition believe that it negatively affects men's health. Experts claim that only cheap, low-quality protein supplements can harm. They contain harmful ingredients that negatively affect men's health.

sports activities and sports nutrition for power

Soy protein has a negative effect on potency, as it contains phytoestrogen impurities. It is best to use the whey version of sports nutrition, which is highly effective and has a low risk of adverse reactions.

Not just protein, but the wrong approach to training can negatively affect potency. Excessive physical activity, when a man works hard, can lead to serious negative health consequences. It is imperative to recover after training, eat quality food.

Food harmful to potency

To increase sexual potency, it is necessary to exclude from the daily menu products that are harmful to potency, stop smoking and minimize the amount of alcoholic beverages. Impotence is often caused by vascular diseases, so bad habits should be ruled out.

It's important to limit fast food cholesterol, as it can cause blood vessels to clog. You should refuse fatty foods, foods fried in too much oil, smoked meats, chips, chemical soda, large amounts of salt and sugar, and also avoid flavor enhancers that reduce potency.

Just before a romantic evening, you shouldn't overeat, even if we're talking about very healthy foods. The body will direct its energy stores for digestion, so the strength and desire for sex may not be enough.

By switching to a healthy diet, a man should not hope that all problems will be solved instantly and the potency will increase in a day. A complete improvement in the condition will take from a week to six months, but the result, subject to the rules, will be mandatory.