What products improve erection, menus for real men

fruit and vegetable yogurt for potency

Dissatisfied with your erection or lack of it? Yes, this is cause for concern, because sexual power is an integral part of a man's life.

There are many reasons why you may fail in bed. There are also a number of drugs that can restore male power. But no less important are the erection products, the right food keeps testosterone (male hormone) normal.

Due to the tight schedule of work, representatives of the strong half of humanity quickly eat various semi-finished products. Of course, the body does not get enough vitamins and minerals, and the structure of the reproductive system suffers.

What is recommended to eat

In addition, the work of the digestive organs goes astray, cholesterol accumulates, which disrupts the metabolism. This leads to cardiovascular disease, the blood flow to the pelvic organs is weakened, which leads to erectile dysfunction.

If you consult a doctor with this problem, he will first recommend a change in diet. Doctors insist that you stop eating fatty foods and switch to products that increase erection, which we will discuss in this article.

Experts say that aphrodisiacs are very useful for potency, but they don't think this is something otherworldly. Quite affordable products that have healing properties, but not everyone knows about this. Regular and healthy food can be bought in any supermarket, it includes:

eat strawberries for potency
  • lean red meat
  • sea fish
  • dairy products
  • chicken and quail eggs
  • seafood (shrimp, oysters, crabs, etc. )
  • Honey
  • vegetables and fruit
  • vegetables (parsley, celery)
  • peanuts

Some men love the above foods, they eat them regularly. Others need to eat at least half of this list.

Menus for real men

Let's take a look at the products that improve erection, which you need to eat every day to be in shape.

When it comes to meat, try to choose light, simple varieties with the least amount of fat.

There are three main types of fish:

  • flounder
  • mackerel
  • salmon

Protein affects sperm quality, makes sperm more agile, can be taken from kefir, fermented cooked milk, cream, sour cream and cottage cheese.

The most important trace elements (vitamins A, B6, E), which have a positive effect on potency, are contained in chicken and quail eggs. It is recommended to consume them raw or boiled every day.

Seafood is an aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual desire, promotes normal erection. Squid, mussels, sea cabbage - all these delicacies contain unsaturated acids, which have a positive effect on potency.

Walnuts, especially walnuts, are excellent products to increase erection, enrich the body with vitamins and vegetable proteins. Their norm is 100 g per day, if you don't like walnuts you can replace them with pistachios, pine nuts or hazelnuts. Each species has healing properties.

With reduced power, they can be ground in a mortar and mixed with a few tablespoons of honey, this will increase the miraculous effect. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are also saturated with vegetable oils and useful trace elements.

As mentioned above, bee honey by itself has a beneficial effect on erectile function. Therefore, it would be wise to follow the advice of experts and completely eliminate sugar from food, replacing it with honey.

Chocolate (black) is not included in the list of prohibited foods, because cocoa beans are a powerful aphrodisiac that has a positive effect on male power. Please note that preference should be given only to high-quality chocolate products.

Natural DIY stimulants

The earth has given us the opportunity to grow healthy products to improve erection, so why not take advantage of this privilege.

Young carrots, beets, radishes - all these vegetables are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. They strengthen and contribute to the proper functioning of all systems, including the sexual one.

carrots for potency

Do not rush to the pharmacy and buy pills with a lot of side effects. Why poison the body with chemicals if you can eat lettuce, cabbage and spicy vegetables.

Parsley, basil, celery are excellent medicines given by nature. Don't skimp on garlic and onions.

Yes, an unpleasant smell is a downside to these plants, but if you want to keep male power for a long time, use them fresh every day. Dishes based on legumes (especially asparagus) will also not be superfluous in your diet.

What food is bad for potency

Up to this point we have talked about which foods improve erection, but what is strictly forbidden to eat? The positive dynamics will only be evident if you completely eliminate harmful foods from your daily diet.

So what should be taboo once and for all?

If you want to remain a man in every sense of the word for as long as possible, then give up the following food:

  • all kinds of sausages (smoked, boiled, fried). Almost all sausages, sausages and sausages are made up of soy, harmful preservatives and dyes. They will reduce your sexual activity to zero.
  • rice in any form negatively affects potency, because it contains carbohydrates.
  • pasta and baked goods. Try not to eat this food. Replace white bread with black bread or wholemeal focaccia bread.
  • coffee (especially instant). You can consume no more than 2 cups per day. In large quantities, this drink will lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • carbonated and energy drinks
coffee for power

Examples of dishes that increase male power

We have examined in detail which foods increase erection and now I want to offer some useful and simple recipes.

  1. Boil the chicken eggs, chop them finely and add the green onions. Dress the salad with olive oil.
  2. To effectively increase libido, prepare an aza veal fillet. Add the pickled cucumbers and onions. In addition to the advantages, this dish will give you an unusual and pleasant taste.
  3. Vegetable salad (celery, parsley, basil) with the addition of nuts and olive oil will greatly improve erectile function.
  4. Aero-cognac will have an immediate positive effect on increasing potency. To do this, mix equal portions of brandy and cognac (100 g each) with quail eggs. Believe me, a long unforgettable night is assured for you.
stew with vegetables for potency

summing up

This material has been devoted to improving erectile function with the help of normal and healthy food. These were easily accessible health products that have a healing effect. But it will only be achieved if you regularly follow a diet and eat healthy foods.

It will be even better if you follow a daily routine and meals will be taken at the same time. Physical activity doesn't hurt either.

Don't rely only on the healing properties of the products. If you notice any abnormalities in the functioning of the reproductive system, consult a doctor immediately. He will choose the optimal treatment for your disease, part of which will be eating healthy food. We are what we eat, don't forget it and be healthy!