Products that increase potency

The strong half of our human race is constantly striving to preserve its masculine power. There is probably no such man who would not like to keep the opportunity to have an intimate relationship with the fair sex for many years. And for this they use various methods: someone uses folk remedies, someone buys all kinds of medicines in the pharmacy, someone even resorts to surgical operations.

citrus and nuts for potency

But don't go straight to extreme measures. There is a simpler way and at the same time accessible to everyone. You just need to eat certain foods every day.

Products that affect potency not only increase libido (sexual desire), but also increase male activity and act on the whole body as a whole, like regenerating apples. So which products have this miraculous effect?

The most useful products for men

In general, plant products, such as citrus fruits, nuts of various varieties, vegetables, fruits, aromatic herbs, berries and many spices, are endowed with a masculine stimulating power. Favorites among these are walnuts, chicken and quail eggs, sesame seeds, beans, pistachios, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and, oddly enough, onions.

All varieties of onions (batun, leeks, onions and green onions) normalize the ratio of hormones in the body and increase male strength. To maintain potency and preserve sexual strength, it is recommended to eat daily foods such as lemons, oranges, purslane, cumin, tarragon (tarragon), figs, savory, pomegranate, rye flour bread, turnip seeds and roots, mushrooms .

Dairy products and seafood (all kinds of oysters, shrimp, squid, lobster and other marine inhabitants) are considered no less effective. Eating protein-rich foods will also help keep you sexually active and increase your stamina. Therefore, every man is obliged to eat meat, chicken and fish every day.

Among sweets, honey has the ability to increase potency. And in combination with nuts, figs, milk, raisins and eggs, it will become a useful dessert to replenish the strength spent overnight.

Products that can increase men's sexual potency must be included in every gentleman's daily diet. However, it is worth remembering that overeating, abuse of even the most useful products can backfire and will not lead to anything good.