Folk remedies to improve potency

herbs for potency

Medicines have a lot of side effects that are almost absent from folk remedies. It is folk remedies that should be considered a primary alternative to restoring potency. Recipes: coriander and parsley, carrots and milk, turnips and milk. For potency, folk methods are an excellent choice.

There are hundreds of folk ways that lead to an increase in potency. As for traditional medicine to increase potency, it can be considered as a separate branch of medicine as a whole. It includes a wide variety of proven and systematized knowledge about folk methods for potency, including increasing potency with folk remedies and in old age.

How to increase potency in folk ways

cilantro and parsley

dill and parsley to increase potency

If these medicinal plants are present on your table almost every day, then there is no point in making special products based on them. The substances contained in them, and so will enter the body in sufficient quantities. If not, you can dry these plants, mix them in approximately equal proportions and specially take half a tablespoon of a tablespoon along with liquid food. The number of use is not limited. They have no contraindications, and the effect of their intake will exceed all the wildest expectations: potency, even in old age, due to its increase with these folk remedies, will increase, as in youth, libido and sexual desire.

Carrots and milk

carrots and milk for potency

Great recipe! It is easy to prepare, it turns out delicious (the same dessert), it shows real effectiveness. Its only small drawback is that the prepared remedy is stored only for one day. Then, 2 (approximately) tablespoons of grated carrots should be poured with a glass of boiled whole milk, boiled over very low heat for 9-11 minutes. Take 80 grams three times a day, regardless of diet.

Turnip and milk

turnip and milk for potency

Not only healthy, but also a very tasty dessert. A favorite treat for children and adults! Turnips boiled in milk are prepared in a simple way: in an earthenware dish (it can be glass or enameled) enough milk is poured to cover the previously peeled and placed turnips. Boiled in the oven (you can - the oven), until the turnip opens. You can't get it on schedule. The more it is, the faster and more expressive the effect. To improve potency, this folk remedy is suitable for everyone!

To increase potency, traditional medicine also recommends consuming as often as possible: nuts, bee honey, garlic and oil from it, quail and chicken eggs.

For potency, folk methods are an excellent choice!