What nuts are good for potency in men

Of great benefit are the nuts for potency in men. Therefore, it is not surprising that many experts recommend including this product in the diet to anyone who has problems in intimate life. Walnuts are also an excellent prophylactic that helps prevent the weakening of male power.

How nuts affect potency

Walnut belongs to the group of strong aphrodisiacs that have a positive effect on the state of the male reproductive system. There are many varieties of this product. All of them are considered beneficial to the body, as they contain a lot of nutrients and other trace elements.

To understand exactly how walnuts and other nuts affect potency, you need to familiarize yourself with their composition in more detail. They usually contain the following components:

  • Amino acids that synthesize serotonin and testosterone. It is these hormones that are responsible for sexual desire and male orgasm;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are necessary for the synthesis of sex hormones that support male power;
  • Vitamins of groups A, B, C and E. They improve the functioning of the pelvic organs and penis;
  • Microelements. They have a positive effect on the whole body.
healthy nuts for potency

Walnuts are able to strengthen the immune system and increase the speed of mental processes. They also help cope with depression and stress.

What are the healthiest nuts for men?

Many men are interested in what nuts are good for their potency. An exact answer to this question has not yet been received, as each variety of this product has a positive effect on the internal systems of the body. Despite this, doctors claim that the most useful are walnuts, nutmeg, pine nuts, almonds and peanuts. Therefore, it makes sense to use them to prevent impotence and other disorders of the reproductive system.

Nuts can be eaten raw or cooked. A very healthy and tasty delicacy is obtained from components such as honey and nuts. To maintain potency, this is one of the best means.


The most affordable is walnut. It is useful for potency in the same way as other varieties of a natural product. Nuts of this type are enriched with a huge amount of linoleic acid. It has a positive effect on the work of the male reproductive system. Also in the composition there are arginine and other biological additives that increase potency.

With regular use of walnuts in men, the quality of seminal fluid increases. Thanks to their active components, the mobility and vitality of spermatozoa change for the better.

Despite the fact that regular use of nuts gives such an amazing result, it cannot be considered a sure salvation from impotence. This product can be used as a prophylaxis that prevents the appearance of such problems, but does not allow to eliminate them.


Some doctors have studied the effect of nuts on male potency. Others have conducted similar experiments to evaluate exactly how almonds affect the body of the stronger sex.

Almonds boast the presence in its composition of a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. They have some effect on potency, but it's not too great. The substances contained in this nut can only maintain the functioning of individual body systems in a normal state. In addition, they activate sexual functions.

Almonds allow you to achieve the following results:

  1. Walnut helps the body make enough sex hormones. Therefore, they are useful for men after 30, as at this age problems with testosterone production begin to appear;
  2. Almonds are able to strengthen bones. This property will certainly be appreciated by older men and athletes who regularly undergo intense physical exertion;
  3. The product helps fill the body with sufficient energy.

Natural remedy for weight loss. Therefore, its inclusion in the daily diet is recommended for overweight men. And this helps to establish an intimate life, as obesity is one of the reasons for the decrease in erectile function.

In order for the intake of nuts to increase potency is not in vain, it should be supplemented by the inclusion in the diet of other products that also have this ability.

It should be remembered that the abuse of almonds will have very unpleasant consequences for health. An increase in the portion of this product will not allow you to quickly establish the work of the reproductive system. On the contrary, for this reason, a man will have problems in another area, for example, from the gastrointestinal tract.

almond for potency


When answering questions about which nuts are good for men, particularly for their potency, experts always mention pistachios when answering them. They are very valuable for the human body, as they contain the following components:

  • Saturated fats and amino acids;
  • Zinc and arginine;
  • Folic acid.

These and other substances improve the quality of sperm and help the body get rid of the accumulation of cholesterol.

Pistachios are nuts that not only increase potency, but also help keep it in a normal state for many years. Therefore, whenever possible, men should eat a few grams of this product to avoid disturbances in intimate life.

Cashew nuts

Cashew is a nut that has an antibacterial effect. Helps to quickly cope with dermatological and dental diseases. Also, it is called an aphrodisiac. Cashew has tonic properties that affect the male reproductive system. Regular consumption of these nuts can increase the libido level.

cashews for potency


Having learned the properties of a natural product, men who want to improve their erection are trying to understand how nuts affect the quality of potency. Speaking of the healing qualities of a natural remedy, experts often cite the benefits for the organism and reproductive system of peanuts. According to doctors, this nut helps prevent impotence, infertility and prostate diseases.

Peanuts are enriched with vitamins of various groups and minerals that normalize hormonal balance and increase testosterone production. In addition, the walnut has a positive effect on the quality of seminal fluid and the activity of spermatozoa.

When including peanuts in your diet, remember that they can cause severe allergies. To avoid such a reaction, it is recommended to use a skinless walnut.

The product becomes even more useful in combination with other products. Honey and peanuts go well, as do walnuts. In order for this remedy to be used to increase potency, it must be prepared according to the rules on which its recipe is based. To prepare a medicinal delicacy, it is enough to mix 100 g of chopped walnuts with 1 tbsp. L. natural honey. Eat it in 1 tsp. before going to bed for 30 days.


Nutmeg helps to defeat impotence. Cope with this task no worse than other varieties of this product. A natural remedy can be eaten raw, added to food and drink. Thanks to its spicy aroma and unusual taste, it will be a great addition to any treatment.

Nutmeg helps men and women to break free. Representatives of the stronger sex, having eaten some of this product, get rid of problems in an intimate way.

nutmeg for potency


Hazelnut is considered to be the most famous product that helps men to fully ignite. It has a high calorie content, as it contains a huge amount of vegetable fats.

The advantage of hazelnuts to increase potency and improve other functions also lies in the fact that it has a neuroprotective effect. This property is provided by zinc and vitamin B1. B6 helps stabilize the conduction of nerve impulses, thereby increasing the tone of many body systems.

pine nuts

Men are advised to eat pine nuts to improve the quality of potency. They are much inferior to other types of this product in terms of the amount of valuable trace elements themselves. But even in this condition, they manage to have a beneficial effect on the male reproductive system and its work.

If a person begins to regularly consume pine nuts, his potency will increase, and the immune system will also become stronger. This action is ensured by the content in the product of a large number of valuable trace elements with which it saturates the body.

General recommendations

Walnuts will be useful for the body only if used correctly. If this is done incorrectly, even the treatment with the best nuts will do significant harm to human health.

Men commit many wrong actions when they find that they will be able to overcome impotence with the help of this natural product. Not all nuts are beneficial for a particular person's potency. Therefore, you should not immediately go to the store and buy all the nuts that caught your attention. Initially, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with some rules related to the introduction of a natural remedy into the daily diet. That means:

  1. First of all, a man should find out which nuts he might be allergic to when he eats. In no case will they be included in your menu;
  2. It is necessary to monitor the dosage of the assigned nuts per day;
  3. It is best to limit yourself to eating 1 type of nuts;
  4. In addition, it is necessary to exclude harmful foods from the diet, due to which the effect of nuts will not be noticeable.

Remembering these rules, a man will be able to safely increase potency at home without resorting to drugs. Walnut increases sexual chances only if a person does not have diseases that reduce its quality.

Almost all existing varieties of nuts have a positive effect on men's health. They just need to learn how to choose the right varieties of a natural product that will be most directly useful for their body.

types of nuts for potency

To get the desired effect from nuts, you need to use them regularly. It is recommended to eat walnuts in their raw form, as heat treatment can reduce the amount of useful trace elements in their composition. With this in mind, a man will be able to achieve a good result in a short time, as the components of this remedy are easily absorbed by the body.

Many experts are of the opinion that natural nuts are more beneficial to the human body than drugs that contain the same set of components in their composition. This is because the latter can have serious side effects caused by synthetic substances.

Nuts can be combined with any product. They can be added to various dishes, for example, fresh salads. By consuming multiple delicacies at the same time that can increase potency in men, you can achieve a faster and longer lasting result.

Walnut is suitable for the treatment of potency problems and for their prevention. A huge number of men managed to test the beneficial properties of this product. Many of them were happy with the result. Nuts do not cause serious harm to health when consumed in limited quantities. However, the effect they have is priceless for the male body.

Once again it is worth remembering that walnuts help to increase potency if a man has small problems with it. Diseases that cause male impotence cannot be cured by them. In this case, you will need full-fledged treatment, which should be prescribed by a doctor.